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Commissioned by the North West Singing Partnership, Songs of Dreams and Nightmares is a fantastic set of pieces perfect for any Junior or school choir.

Written in 2/3 parts each song takes a looks at the theme from a different perspective.

A Beautiful World of Dreams begins in a frantic fanfare as we’re welcomed into the dream world and all the different adventures that are there to behold. Following this is the beautiful Star Gazing and the fun, yet sinister, Creatures of the Night. All of this before rounding off with Dream a Better World an anthem fit for any class assembly.
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Faster & Faster & Faster is all about speed! A great set of four songs which whirl past with such a thrill that any audience will love.

There’s more to these songs than just going quickly though. Each song tells a new story and can be a great launching pad for class discussion and creative work. Need for Speed takes a look at the past and the various inventions that have got us to where we are today. On tomorrows wheels then takes this further, how might we travel in the future? Waiting is all about… well waiting(!), and Record Breakers is a song about being best and being proud of it.

Commission by Sefton Music Service these songs have been tried and tested and left every audience wanting more!

Schools Pack - £10 Songs of Dreams & Nightmares + Faster & Faster & Faster

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Commissioned by the Hallé Children Choir 2015.

An Alien Called Me is all about growing up. Throughout our lives we experience the feelings of uncertainty and discomfort that come with change but there few times in which this is quite as profound as when we grow from a child into a young adult. 

When I first begun writing the piece I began by trying to find a subject that the young people would be able to relate with. I thought back to my own experiences of childhood; the things I found funny, the things I worried about, the way I was both excited and scared about the future. The biggest, and perhaps most defining, feature of that time was the physical and emotional transformation into a dreaded teenager!
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Songs from Northern Lands are four folksong arrangements taken from the North of England.

Song list:
  • Dance to thy Daddy
  • Scarborough Fair
  • The snow it melts the soonest
  • Bobby Shaftoe

Arrangements are for mixed choir (SAB & SSAB) and piano. Perfect for training youth choirs and good community choirs. Duration - c 15 minutes.

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Music by Vivaldi, Lully, Purcell and Handel arranged for SAB & SSAB choir. These inventive arrangements take well known arias and create something new for choirs.

Song list:
  • Vieni o mio diletto
  • Dido’s lament
  • Bois Epais
  • Lascia ch’io piango

All arrangements for choir and piano and are fairly simple. Duration - c. 12 mins

Arrangements Pack - £10 Songs of Northern Lands + Arias of the Baroque

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Three accompanied jazz standards arrangements for SAB/SSAB choir all around the theme of birds.

  • Lullaby of Birdland
  • A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square
  • Let’s do it

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