Stuart’s songs are great to work with. The children can’t stop singing them and they sound great when they do!
Chris Lennie - Head of Sefton Music Service

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Stuart first began writing music for choirs and primary school singing as a teacher. Since then he has gained a reputation for producing fun and engaging works which are enjoyed by both the people singing them and the audiences.

Stuart’s music uses a variety of musical styles and genres to create catchy and entertaining songs with a strong emphasis on performance. Many pieces have been written as a whole set perfect for a class assembly or small singing project in primary schools. These have included:

Songs of Dreams and Nightmares (commissioned by NorthWest Singing Partnership)

Faster & Faster & Faster - 4 songs on the theme of Speed (commissioned by Sefton Music Service)

The Tortoise and the Hare (commissioned by Boosey & Hawkes for Singing Sherlock 5)

An Alien called Me! - Piece for 3 part junior choir commissioned for Hallé Children’s Choir

Many of these are available in the shop.

All his works are tried and tested with groups he works with to ensure that they are both accessible and enjoyable for the young people singing them.


As well as composing Stuart has made many choral arrangements particularly aimed at developing Youth Choirs. The arrangements are designed to be taught easily and yet still lead to an effective performance.

Most of his arrangements are for SAB or SSAB and have been used with The Hallé Youth Training Choir, a mixed voice ensemble aged 13-15.

These include (click for previews):

Songs from Northern Lands - 4 arrangements of folk songs from Northern England

Songbirds - 3 jazz arrangements

Arias of the Baroque - 4 operatic arias arranged for choir

Many of these are available in the shop..